ATHENA Leadership Forums

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These forums offer leadership lessons, interact with leaders in the community, and network with a diverse group of women through dynamic roundtable discussions.

In 2016, five Leadership Forums focused on ATHENA Tenets through presentations by local women leaders and dynamic group discussions.

Courageous Acts.

with Sara Lachman, Miller Johnson, and Diane Griffin, Griffin Properties/Keller Williams Realty

Fierce Advocacy.
Supporting and acting on your passion for people, causes or ideas. Creating an unstoppable force for the greater good.

with Nikeidra Battle-Debarge, Wedgwood Christian Services, and Amanda Winn, Children’s Healing Center

Authentic Self.
Understanding who you are – your values, beliefs and thoughts. Honoring your uniqueness. Accepting personal responsibility for your actions.

with Jill May, Frey Foundation, and Janean Couch, Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Challenging yourself to listen and be open to what is new and unfamiliar. Expanding and developing your knowledge, skills and experiences. Teaching others.

with Diana Lawson, Grand Valley State University, Kathleen Ponitz, 1992 Lakeshore ATHENA Award Recipient, and Marge Potter, 2008 Grand Rapids ATHENA Award Recipient

Giving Back.
Serving the greater good. Committing to help your personal community of family, friends and peers as well as the global village at large.

with Stacy Behler, Meijer and Linsey Gleason, Varnum